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New LG Art Cool™!

The new LG Art Cool merges form and function.

Express your individual sense of style while cooling your living or working space with these attractive, duct-free air conditiong solutions. Available in a variety of finishes. The interior, wall-mounted unit can be subtle or splashy -- it's up to you.

This innovative model allows you to display your favorite image in the customizable picture area. Any drawing, photo or other graphic can be placed in the LG Art Cool frame. Showcase artwork, a family portrait or vacation pictures -- the choice is yours.

LG Picture Art Cool is available in 9,000 and 12,000 BTU air conditioners as well as heat pump models for all-season comfort. The white mat border included with each unit will accommodate a picture up to 20" x 20" with a 17" x 17" visible area.

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